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Why I Do What I Do Series

Why I go to Convention.


As I sit here early in the morning(those that know me well, know I am not a 6am kind of guy) my 1st day back, wired, ready to go, wishing everyone was up so I could share all the Fantastic things I learned.

It occurred to me I wouldn’t have to share with everyone if they had just gone to the convention.

The immediate follow up thought was, “Why don’t more people go?”

Yes, I am physically tired from the travel. Yes, I am behind on my work as a result of going. Yes, it cost money that I can’t directly measure a return on my investment.

So, why do I go?


Sure, we always can use more knowledge.

Great Weather?

Sure, Phoenix was Sunny & 89degrees.

Relaxing Vacation, a Break from the Routine?

Sure, it was certainly a break from the routine.

These aren’t the reasons, I can learn from my desk, I am one of those guys that like the winter, and I also love what I do and rarely fell like I am stuck in a routine.

So again, Why Do I Go?


The new people I meet, the deeper connections I make with the people I already know.


I come home Renewed, Refreshed, and Refocused.

Energy & Passion!

Spending a few days with the best of the best. Watching them live with Purpose, Passion and with High Energy makes me want to reach higher in everything I do.

So, Why do you go to Conventions?

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